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Register for Oz Gun Broker WebSite
  Step 1: Click on the "Register" text in the top right corner of the Oz Gun Broker page.
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Edit a Previous Listing
Important Note: You can only edit a listing if there has be no bids or previous activity on the listing. Step 1:
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Add a Listing on Oz Gun Broker
Step 1: You need to be registered to add a listing to Oz Gun Broker, if you are not registered Click Here to see ho
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My Auction Item Has Sold How do I Pay Oz Gun Broker
Firstly Congratulations! on selling your item. Important Note: If you have any outstanding final fees you will not be able to add any new listings until all final fees are paid. Step 1: You only hav...
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My final fees are not showing in my cart
If you have any final fees for items you have sold on Oz Gun Broker, you simply have to login and click on the View Cart button and the fees will be added to your cart. But if you have started the che...
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Paying Oz Gun Broker for your item by credit card
If you buy an item off the Oz Gun Broker website, from Oz Gun Broker with the username edsako only. You can pay for it by credit card, in fact this is our preferred method. This is all done securely t...
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