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OZ GUN BROKER offers a Firearm Licensed Dealer (FLD) Network, this service is free for all our registered members. To view our FLD Network you must be a registered member of OZ GUN BROKERs web site. You can Register for OZ GUN BROKER for free, Click Here if you would like to register now.

If you are a registered member or you have just returned after registering, you will find the OZ GUN BROKER FLD network on our Forums. You can Click Here to go directly to our FLD Network listings, or you can read on for instructions on the best way to find an FLD in your area.

OZ GUN BROKER has broken our FLD Network into States, you can just go and browse through your state and see if you can find an FLD close to you. But we recommend you simply do a search on our forums, you can search for many different keywords, such as by postcode, town/city or by name if you know the FLD's name.

The Oz Gun Broker FLD Network is always growing and we hope to have an extensive list in the future, but at this stage we do not guarantee you will find an FLD in your area.

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