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 Paying Oz Gun Broker for your item by credit card


If you buy an item off the Oz Gun Broker website, from Oz Gun Broker with the username edsako only. You can pay for it by credit card, in fact this is our preferred method. This is all done securely through your My Account section on the Oz Gun Broker web site. This is not an automated service so when you buy the item you will not automatically be sent to pay for the item, below is how this process works. Remember this is only if you buy from our member edsako, as there are many other users selling items on the Oz Gun Broker website

Step 1: You purchase the item you want by pressing the Buy Now button or you win an auction by having the highest bid. By the auctioneer "edsako"

Step 2: You will now receive your winners email, as will we. You can contact us through the details or we will contact you in regards to finalizing the sale.

Step 3: We will now add the final winning price to your Oz Gun Broker Cart.

Step 4: We will then send you an email telling you your Invoice has been created .

Step 5: You should now login to your Oz Gun Broker account and you will see the total waiting in your cart. You should now click on View Cart, this will take you to the Cart where you can access the Checkout.

Step 6: Click on the Checkout button and follow the steps through the payement gateway.

Step 7: After you click the Pay button your credit card will be processed and you will return to the Oz Gun Broker website. When you return to our site please make sure you Print your Invoice.

Step 8: Now please send us an email telling us you have paid and also include the details of the dealer you would like your item semt to.

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