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 My Auction Item Has Sold How do I Pay Oz Gun Broker


Firstly Congratulations! on selling your item.

Important Note: If you have any outstanding final fees you will not be able to add any new listings until all final fees are paid.

Step 1: You only have to pay Oz Gun Broker when you sell an item, the listing process is fre and the amount you pay us depends on how much your item sells for. To see the costing please look at our Pricing Page, please be aware that the fee is charged on the total final price of your items sale price, this includes any additional charges you may have added through the listing process.

Step 2:After your item has sold your final fees are automatically added to your account by the system, however these charges do not automatically go into your cart for payment. To see your final fee costs you can look through your My Account area.

Step 3: Make sure you are logged in first, if you are not in your My Account section simply click on the My Account text link on the top right side of the page.

Step 4: Now look in the left menu below your cart under the My Account heading and then find My Expired Listings, once you find it click on it.

Step 5: When the new page opens you will see a list of all your expired listings, if you look further down the page under the list of expired listings there will be a list of your final fees. If you do not have any Final fees listed then you do not have to pay anything.

Step 6: If you do have final fees and you want to pay them immediately all you need to do is click on the View Cart text link, this is on the left side of the page just above the Add New Item header. Go ahead and click on the View Cart now.

Step 7: Once you click on the View Cart link the page will refresh and the system will now add the final fees to your Cart. So when the page refreshes you will now see the balance of your fees in the cart details section on the right.

Step 8: You will now click on the Checkout button to go to the checkout to pay your fees, simply follow the steps through the checkout to the payment gateway. We only accept payment through credit card at this time, this includes Master Card and Visa.

Step 9: After you enter your credit card details and press the Pay button, your payment will be processed and you will then return to the Oz Gun Broker web site, on the new page you will be offered to print your invoice etc. we recommend you print your invoice immediately.

Step 10: Thats it your fees are paid and thank you for choosing Oz Gun Broker and we hope to see you back soon.

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