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 Add a Listing on Oz Gun Broker


Step 1: You need to be registered to add a listing to Oz Gun Broker, if you are not registered Click Here to see how to register or Click Here to register now. If you are registered you will need to be logged in to your Oz Gun Broker account, Login Now if you are not.

Step 2: We will be starting this tutorial from the front page of Oz Gun Broker, if you are not there now click on the Home text link below the Oz Gun Broker logo

Step 3: From the front page making sure you are registered and logged in click on the "My Account" text on the top right side of the page and wait for the new page to open.

Step 4: When the page opens you will be in your main account area, this is where you can monitor your listings etc. On the left side you will see the main menu section, this is where you will find all the tools you need for your account management. Just below the Cart you will see the add item section. You should see New Auction and New Classified, for this tutorial we are adding an Auction, so go ahead and click on the "New Auction" text link.

Step 5: When the new page opens you will see the form that collects all the information for your listing, we use a single page form to collect the information so there are less steps for you to go through. We now need to choose a category for your listing, please be sure to select the most relevant category for the item you are selling. There may be sub categories for some of the main categories, but you will not see these until you have chosen your main category. Go ahead and choose your main category now.

Step 6: For this tutorial we have chosen the Shotgun category, once we click on the Shotgun category the page automatically shows the sub categories of this category. When the sub category opens we will now choose our sub category of Double Barrel, now another sub category has opened and we will choose Over Under. Once we choose the over under category there are no more sub categories, so no more will open. Sub categories only show if there are sub categories, some categories do not have sub categories, so all you do is keep choosing the next appropriate sub category until no more show.

Step 7: You now need to move down the page to the next item, this is the Title of your item. You should be very clear in this title it should say exactly what the item is and you should include name, model, etc. The clearer the title the more people will understand what you are selling.

Step 8: Moving down the page the next section is the Description of your item. You should describe the item as good as you can here, we suggest you explain any extras the item may have, special features etc. You should also add any marks or damage etc. the item may have. If someone buys the item and you have not disclosed all damages or issues correctly, this may cause a dispute between you and the buyer. This could also stop you from placing further listings on Oz Gun Broker. You can use the buttons at the top of the description box to highlight words by bolding them etc., this works similar to a word document toolbar.

Step 9: Moving down the page the next section is the Tags section, this is used for keywords etc. So you can put in words you think someone may use to search for. Like brand name, model, style etc., enter as many tags as you would like. You can also leave this field empty.

Step 10: Moving down the page the next section is the Auction Type, we are choosing standard here. If you want to know more about Dutch auctions we recommend clicking on the help icon here or doing a google search.

Step 11: Moving down the page the next section is the Auction Time, this is how long your auction will run for. Simply click in the dropdown box and select how long you want your auction to run for. There are no custom times you can only choose from these presets.

Step 12: Moving down the page this is the minimum starting bid, this is just where you want the bidding to start, this can be as little as $0.01 if you like. But please note you can set a reserve price so your item will not sell for less than you think it is worth, but you have to fill in the reserve price as well. Go ahead and enter your starting price.

Step 13: The next box down the page is the reserve price, you can fill this in with the price you are willing to accept for your item. This just means your item will not sell until the bids go higher than the reserve price. But the bidding can continue until the end of the auction and be much higher than your reserve price.

Step 14: The next box down the page is the Buy Now price, if you have a price you are willing to sell the item for immediately, enter it here and if someone clicks the Buy Now button the auction will end immediately and that user is committed to buying your item at this price.

Step 15: The next field down the page is the shipping and handling section, enter the amount you would like to charge for shipping etc. and this will be added to the final price if the item is sold.

Step 16: The next section down the page is buyer options, this is used if you are selling items that could have a selection like sizes, colours etc. Click on the button and then follow the steps to add these options, if you do not need these move on to next step.

Step 17: The next section down the page is the number of items and if the price is per item or for the entire quantity.

Step 18: The next item down the page is On Site Payment Methods, you can only use this if you have set your PayPal ID in your My Account section.

Step 19: The next item down the page is the offsite payment methods, you can select as many of these as you like. Please make sure you only choose items that you can actually accept payments through. For example if you have no way of processing credit cards please make sure you do not select this item. Also be aware if you select Bank Transfer you will have to send your bank deposit details to the buyer if they choose to pay that way.

Step 20: The next section down the page are your contact details, please make sure these are all up to date and correct at all times. Not all the information in this section are shown publicly, most are shortened versions. Be aware though in a classified listing your listed phone number will be shown so buyers can contact you.

Step 21: The next section down the page is the additional questions section. This area can contain many different questions depending on the item you are selling. For example if you are selling a car this section may ask how many cylinders it has, but you will not be asked how many cylinders your gun has. You should pay special attention to some of these questions, like the condition of the item. You should answer honestly and be sure the answer meets the condition of the item. If you say an item is excellent condition and the buyer disputes this saying the item is poor when they receive it, you may have problems listing items on Oz Gun Broker in the future. IMPORTANT NOTE: There are some critical questions here if you are selling firearms, you MUST list the serial number of any firearm you are selling, unless it does not have one, then you should tick the box saying it does not have a serial number. If you do not list a serial number on an item that should have one your auction will be suspended.

Step 22: The next section is the mapping section, you can fill this in but right now it is not used on the web site.

Step 23: The next section is to upload your images, you can upload 15 images for free. To upload images click on the upload button.

Step 24: A new window should open this is your computers explorer window. You should now navigate to where your images are and select the first one you want to upload, once your image is highlighted click on the Open button in your explorer window. This will now upload the image to the site, please repeat this step for any additional images you want to upload.

Step 25: The next section is to add a YouTube video, you can add one video to your listing simply follow the steps to add your video.

Step 26: The next section is additional extras, at this time standard users can only add the Attention Getters, but this extra is free. This simply adds an image with some text or eye grabbing feature. Simply select the extra if you want to use it then place the dot in the box beside the image you want to use on your listing.

Step 27: That is all of the options in this section, if you look down the page and to the centre you will see the finalizing buttons. You can preview your listing by clicking preview, this will show you in a pop up window what your listing will look like. When you are finished viewing the preview simply click on the X in the top right corner of the pop up window or press your Escape key on your keyboard. If you are finished previewing or you want to go to the next step click on the Next Step button.

Step 28: When the new page opens you will have a summary of your order, because we do not charge you to list and item your cart balance will be $0.00. The only reason you will have a balance here is if you have final fees to pay from an item you have sold in the past, this must be paid before your new listing will go live. But your listing will be now live and active on the Oz Gun Broker web site if you had no previous final fees. That is all you need to do except for waiting for people to look at your item.

Step 29: You can edit your listing if you made any mistakes, but only up to the first bid then it is no longer editable, read the tutorial Here for editing listings.

Step30: If your item does not sell you can relist it for up to 7 days, if you go over 7 days you will have to create a new listing. To relist your item simply go into your expired listings and click the relist button once.

Step 31: We get paid when your item sells, please look at our Pricing page to see our current fees and please read the My Item Has Sol How do I Pay Oz Gun Broker Tutorial.


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