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 Firearm License Number is mandatory if you are selling firearms


All sellers that are selling any type of firearm MUST provide their valid firearm license number. When you create your OZ GUN BROKER account there is a Firearm License Number field in the registration form. Please complete this field if you will be selling firearms under this account.

The firearm license number is not required on sign up, simply because some OZ GUN BROKER members might not be selling firearms.

What will happen if I do not provide a firearm license number and I try selling a firearm?

All listings on OZ GUN BROKER are moderated, this means we will see immediately if you have not provided a firearm license number. We will take the following steps to remedy the problem.

  1. We will suspend your listing immediately and contact you to rectify the problem, by you adding your firearm licens number to your account.
  2. If you do not comply with our request to add your firearm license number to your account, we will leave your listing suspended.
  3. If after 7 days you have still not rectified the problem we will delete your listing and suspend your account.

Once your account is suspended you will need to contact us vie a support ticket or via email to get your account re-activated.

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